Our Hong Kong

Our trip ex AKL to HKG was pretty much streamlined, and I probably managed to sleep 4hours out of the 12

., we were doing pretty well.

We took the recommended Airport Express Train from the Airport to the City Centre then followed the Signs to the Courtesy Hotel Shuttle that took another 40 mins in traffic to pull drop us outside the hotel.

We spent the afternoon trying to find our bearings and work out the MTR (mass Transit Rail) system.

With only 2 days to see as much as possible I had tried to fit in as much as possible.

After checking into the hotel we headed off to the MTR to buy our Otupus Card.

Hong Kong has an amazing metro line and you can buy a card, load it with as much money as you want (refundable at the end of trip) and ‘ swipe and go’



The Optopus Card allows you to travel on Train/Bus/Boat so amazing way to get around as long as you don’t miss the stop to get off as we did trying to find The Ladies Market and Sneaker Street. After backtracking a few blocks we stumbled on the Ladies Market, which goes for blocks and blocks of the same thing. Haggling is part of the fun, I was looking at buying a bag which started at HKG600 (NZD100) and managed to get down to HKG100 (NZD20). I then said No as would look around. We didn’t end up buying anything but did find hidden at the back of the market a street of Japanese restaurants. We headed in for a great lunch and beer.
Sneaker street was disappointing sorry Lucy…No high tops there !!!
From here we caught the train to an area called Soho. This is the place to go if you are looking at any International Cuisine. Set on the hill you climb up on escalators after escalotors with bars and restaurants on every side. After settling into a bar for a wine at HKD95 (NZD15) we then crossed the road for a mojito at happy hour HKD38 (NZD6.50)

Around this area is a street called Stanley Street with is a live food market with amazing live seafood and produce. Here we ducked in a little noodle shop and ordered a bowl of noodles. Next door I discovered a great meat shop and couldn’t resist the cha siu pork. They cut it up and put it in a tray for me, which I ducked into the noodle shop next door to add to the noodles.


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