Lama Island

After the hectic day before we decided to slow things down and not try to fit a week into 2 days. After the wonderful Yum Cha, we caught a train to the ferry and took a ferry out to Lama Island approx. 40 mins away.

This was Hong Kong as it used to be, including toilets in Asian Style.

This is a seafood port and you wander down the main street looking at all the seafood in tanks and then order what you want for lunch.


You would never believe that you could buy a bottle of Chablis or an amazing range of wines at very reasonable prices.

After walking down the lane with many restaurants we decided on Rainbow Seafood Restaurant, which had the best selection and with a look at the kitchen in the back a great selection of fresh vege. We chose the clams in black bean sauce, Lobster in garlic butter and scallops with broccoli and ginger. Delicious.

After relaxing with a crisp bottle of Chablis we headed back to the Ferry.


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