1st Day in Paris

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAAfter very little sleep on the flight and an extra 2hour delay sitting on the Aircraft due to weather over China, we finally took off at 2.30am. I really don’t know how people sleep in a slight reclining position like that. Getting into the City was relatively easy again on the Airport Express train then transferring to the Metro. You notice the difference from Hong Kongs ultra modern system with escalators everywhere, rather than lugging luggage up stairs in Paris. On arrival our room was ready so dumped our gear and headed off to survey our surroundings. We had decided to take day one pretty easy and head out for lunch then back to hotel for a snooze.
Imagine my surprise after coming up from the underground to come out to see Paris for the first time. What beautiful buildings and then to see all this gorgeous seafood, right outside our hotel in Raspail.

<img src=”https://nickymcblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/005.jpg” alt=”GEDSC .

Time for lunch …
Well who could resist those oysters

Looking directly over to our hotel in Raspail.

After an obligatory bottle of wine, we headed back to our room for a well earned sleep. Trying to get used to the time frame we set the alarm for 2.5hrs as it was only 2pm Paris time. Waking groggily after 3hours we didn’t want to head far for dinner so with a walk up a couple of blocks to find our surroundings we had a good look around. Lots of side streets with cafes and a whole street just with Crepe Cafes. We decided we really felt like a steak and frites so the hunt began to find the perfect café. Daylight saving meant that it was still light until around 9pm so we finally found a great café with good music and great steak and frites.


2 thoughts on “1st Day in Paris

  1. Mark wants to know if there is anyway some of that seafood in the first photo can make its way back to your BBQ!?

    Looks fantastic, glad your having a good time.


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