GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAMonday morning we checked out of hotel in Paris and got a taxi to Eurocar to pick up our rental car. Once the paper work was done we headed out of Paris on the way to Beaune. Driving on the right is difficult enough but sitting on the left hand side of the car and the gear (manual) stick on the right has its challenges. I suggested to Hamish that it might be good for his left side of the brain thinking.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
We managed to navigate our way down to Beaune using a road map. Once on the motorway driving is pretty easy. Driving into Beaune was a delight with amazing buildings again. We wanted to find our hotel which was about 2km away from town. We did make one bad turn and ended up on the wrong side of the road. Easy to do making a left turn. Its not until you see the cars coming towards you that you are realise you are in ‘le merde’!! With lots of shaking heads from the other driver we managed to safely get on the right.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
We found the hotel Le Clos, a beautiful 1600 century renovated stable building. The rooms were very comfortable and the gardens surrounding the hotel were great.

We headed off to explore Beaune and head to Le Benaton restaurant that I had made a reservation for.

Le Benaton is a 2 Michelin star restaurant I had read reviews on. At a third of the cost of a Michelin Star restaurant in Paris and not a lot else to chose from in Beaune I had made a reservation from home. We booked in at 7pm but as we found in Paris Restaurants only open at 7.30 so when we popped in in the afternoon to check reservation they said to come back at 7.30.
With only 10 tables in the restaurant it was an intimate service. As is part of the Michelin star rating the service was fantastic if not over the top. We were met by the Maitre D, order taken by the Owner, Wine order by the sommelier, and food served by the waiter. It was a set menu starting with Amuse Bouche, which was a seafood ravioli, I had the foie gras which was the first taste of it in France, Hamish had the Snails followed by pigeon that he raved about. My main was cured salmon with a chorizo and corn risotto which was a good blend of flavours


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