Rue Baratier

Its not often that you arrive at a hotel/apartment that you have booked from the promised photos on line that expectations are exceeded. The apartment Rue Baratier in Calvisson  near Nimes from its retained façade from the outside is one of those gems.

Stepping up from the street you enter into a totally restored villa, with original stone stairs and walls and arrive in the living area which has been decorated with neutral colours to reflect some beautiful antique furnishings.
We were met by the Property Manager Jayne Boynard who showed us around. As part of the rental she had bought us provisions of Tea, Coffee, sugar, cheese and baguette and a bottle of Rose which she insisted were requests of the owner. (Fifi take note).
The kitchen is incredibly set out with everything you could need including a coffee machine, dishwasher, etc.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
The living room has an open fire, large open windows to the street and a door into a courtyard.
Head up the stairs and there are two bedrooms, the Master huge with chaise lounge and ensuite. Windows looking out into Provence or down into the courtyard.

Through the kitchen is a courtyard with a plunge pool, about the size of a bath. I have seen quite a few around the village too, it obviously gets so hot in the summer that you just need to plunge in. Unfortunately it hasn’t reached those temperatures here.

The Weather the last two days have been superb, around 24-27 degs clear skies and sunny, unfortunately today it is overcast with rain overnight. The next week is meant to be much the same.
Along with such comfortable surroundings, Bikes are also included along with helmets and combination locks.
GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA There is an old rail trail from Cavellson to Sommieres, another town 10km away which we biked this morning. Completely flat and tarsealed all the way it was an easy ride. Sommiers is another quaint historic town with a walled town and some really interesting shops. We had a coffee and wander around the streets.

Rather than have lunch here we decided to ride home and head to the supermarket to get some ingredients to make soup.
What we forgot was our town shuts down from 1200 until 3.30 for siesta and the only shop open was the bread shop.
We got some bread and thanks to Jayne on arrival we still had the cheese and Rose. Along with some baby radishes, cucumber olives and tomatoes we had a fantastic lunch.


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