Aigues Mortes

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASeems like Europe is having an extremely wet spring, as awoke to another day of heavy rain, however had planned a trip to the port of Aigues Mortes, a medieval town about 45 mins away from Calvisson. Heading out we struck thunder and lightning but kept to our plans and on arrival at Aigues Mortes promptly bought an umbrella each.

The town was built by Saint-Louis also known as Louis 1X, King of France in 1270. At the time King Louis had no access to the sea, so he made an opening to the Mediterranean Sea and constructed Aigues-Mortes on the location of what was then a fishing village.
This photo above shows the Tower of Constance and the Governors Court. The tower has been well preserved through the centuries.
We headed into the village to have a look around. The first shop we arrived in was a wonderful candy shop.
Believe it or not these are chocolate covered almonds, not olives !! A stunning shop that we did have to make a few purchases.

After a good look around it was time for lunch. Nothing too complicated, but Grilled chicken and frites and Grilled Steak and Frites. Yum !! (and a great salad and Dijon mustard of course)

Photo taken of a paella in a window.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

Once we came out of the restaurant the weather had cleared and we took a barge trip down the canal. Here we were met by Zoro and toro who conducted a scene in which the cattlemen select bulls in the farm meadows.

In the distance is a tower called the Carbonniere Tower. It was constructed during the same period as Aigues-Mortes on a sea wall in the middle of the Saint-Clement swamps and was the only access from and to the city. This tower fulfilled a military function serving as a vanguard against the invasions. Trade was done with Mediterranean and Eastern countries at this time, ships that carried products such as textile and spices could deliver their goods upon which a tax was levied at the tower. The city toll was abolished at the end of the French Revolution.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA


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