Uzes Markets

GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERASaturday, we woke up early to head to Uzes Markets another approx 45 minute journey by road. This is a famous market and we were hoping to see Pont du Gard as well, however the weather had other ideas. We were on the road at 8.15am in appalling conditions. Torrential rain, thunder and lightening, surface flooding. All very tricky not to mention trying to find a petrol station that takes our credit cards or cash even or that is manned at all.
After driving very slowly we managed to find our way to Uzes quite easily and got a park in the car park. After passing what we thought was the market and a huge downfall of rain, we managed to scamper into a bar for a coffee.
Here the resident dog even has a spot and barks at everyone that comes thru the door.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
We finally did find the market, that would have been an amazing sight on a clear day. We did manage to find some seafood, which is what we had come for. We purchased some fish for dinner and some Moules (mussels for lunch) along with baguette and cheese. ( I am getting used to this) . We headed home very pleased to get off the roads.



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