Manarola Cinque Terre

We caught the train to the next village Manarola to have lunch. This for us was the most picturesque of the villages and we loved all the boats on the waterfront.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA

After a wander around in the village, we headed down towards the waterfront and one restaurant in particular stood out, whether because it was packed or just the smell of garlic and seafood. We waited outside in a queue to get a table and weren’t disappointed when we got our meal.

I had grilled seafood, a mix of baby lobster, king prawns, fish and calamari, squeezed with liguian lemons it was fantastic. Hamish also had grilled sea bass which was so fresh and delicious.

We were going to get off at the next village, but also wanted to return to Monterosso as hadn’t done the other part of the village. We headed back to Monterosso and then walked through a tunnel walkway to Monterosso al Mare which is more like the other villages.


One thought on “Manarola Cinque Terre

  1. Hi Mush and Harry – just to let you know that Maria and I are following your blog- great photos and food to die for, was going to post my photo of bangers and mash but not up to it. Keep up the good work Cheers P & M

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