We decided there was no point in trying to match the days to the weather, as half the time the forecast got it wrong anyway. Saturday was a day that was forecast to be fine. The decision was to take the train to Florence even thou it was a day forecast to be clear.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
Oh how could they get that so wrong. We tossed up whether to take the umbrellas or just to take one and at the last minute took both. Phew !! Restaurants and shops had obviously got used to all this rain as they all had umbrella stands inside each shop. Once we arrived in the city, it was a juggle just to hop from one uneven cobblestone to another and hope you weren’t going to land in a puddle up to your ankles. That would have really pissed me off.

Arriving off the platform in Florence was quite a shock in itself with crowds of people everywhere. Tour groups can be recognised by their raising of some sort of flag, either an umbrella or sunflower or other. Best to cross the road ASAP to get away from them.

At this stage Florence wasn’t getting our best attention and we ducked into a restaurant to do what we do best and eat and drink. Believe me the temperature was 10 deg. We both bought scarves from local markets just to keep warm.
I ordered Zuppe (minestrone soup) which was nourishing and warming. Hamish had an omelete. (We were both struggling to get our metablisims back to normal after our Italian lunch). I was too cold to take photos of our lunch, but this was the view from the café. You can imagine she didn’t get many takers !!

We wanted to get to the local market that we had read about in the Cuisine magazine. As it was a Saturday it said it was open from 9-2 and them 4-7pm, so we thought we would come back to get some seafood later. After browsing the shops in the torrential rain we decided to head to another place recommended in the Cuisine Magazine a bar with a view. We walked along the river bank, came across ‘Harrys Bar’ obligatory photo opportunity. !!
Heading along the river we were looking for ‘The Westin Excelsior Hotel’ 6th floor, Bar Se.Sto on Arno. And what a view.!!<img class=”alignleft size-full wp-image-1509″ alt=”GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA” src=”https://nickymcblog.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/1071.jpg” width=”470″ We ordered a bloody mary (which came with complintory nibbles) and settled in to watch the rain and lightning.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERAGEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
Amani Hamish pictured here


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