Villa Rosa dei Venti

We arrived early on a Wednesday. We had emailed saying we would arrive around 4pm, but we made up time from Provence and arrived around 2pm.
We found our way easily from the directions and pulled up in the parking lot outside the Villa. We walked around looking for some sort of patronage and finally the owner came out speaking Italian

We managed to communicate by a lot of waving and Si Si and finally he handed me the phone to speak to Barbara (Barrb-aa-ra) who spoke perfect English. Barrb-aa-ra is the daughter of Rino, who met us.

Once we had been shown our apartment, all in the orginal  restored Villa of Rinos parents. We were in a downstairs apartment on the North Side (our South), which would have once housed the stables. A typical Tuscan Villa with a lot of brick and not much natural light. A very comfortable lodging though and good cooking facilities.

The next day I had booked in for a cooking class with Barrb-aa-ra and her Mother. Hamish was due to join us for the lunch at 1pm, along with an American Couple Leigh and Chris from Oregon.



One thought on “Villa Rosa dei Venti

  1. Looking fantastic lovely – you are doing an amazing job with the blog…I see a book coming along XXXXXX

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