After leaving Tuscany for what we thought would be around a 6 hour drive to Nice, we hadn’t taken into consideration getting lost in Genova and not being able to get back on the motorway. After 3 attempts we finally took a scenic coastal road and after 40 minutes pulled over and asked someone if the name on the Motorway would get us to Nice, which I am pleased to say it did. After arriving very tired and dropping our rental car off with 5 mins to spare, we caught a taxi to our hotel along the Prommenade Anglais.GEDSC DIGITAL CAMERA
As it was around 7pm by the time we headed out for a drink and meal, the sun had gone down but we found a great bar to have a mojito and then had a pasta dish. The next morning we woke to a stunning day, well overdue as hadn’t had much sun in Tuscany. We wandered along the promenade, and took a scenic train trip through the old Nice City.

What a lovely City, 4th biggest in France but the sea and the sun just make it. Of course lunch looked inviting sitting on a balcony overlooking the sea and back to drinking Provence style Rose. !

The afternoon we spent on the beach reading in the sun .
Then to a seafood restaurant for dinner.

The next morning we were on a plane to Istanbul.


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